Research report based on one of the following companies: • Tesla • Netflix • Uber

You are to provide a research report based on one of the following companies:




The paper should be 1012 pages l(excluding the cover page, table of contents, and references),
typewritten, and doublespaced. This is an individual (and not a group) research project. You
need to search the company reports, trade Journals, academic publications, books, and other
published materials and review the assigned cases for this course. You must use at least ten
references. Follow the AmericanPsychological Association (APA) writing style (manual) for
citing the references. Remember that the author’s name, the publication’s title, the publication
date, and the publication name are all required.

Submit the paper worth 150 points via the course Blackboard/Start Here section on orbefore
May 5, 2023. Follow the following guidelines in writing the paper:

o Cover page (your name, company name, university, college name, semester/year,
course name/ number/section, and instructor name).

o Table of contents.

o Executive summary. In this one page, numbered 1, summarize key issues that you
discussed in the paper.

o The company. This section discusses the companys history, the nature of its business
(i.e., the kind of goods or services offered), and its delivery method to customers (e.g.,
online, physical outlets, intermediaries). The company’s target customers (e.g., children,
ladies, investors) and target market (e.g., local, national, international). Provide data about market
size interms of customers. Strategic assets of the company (e.g., patents, unique technology,
leadership, other core and distinctive competencies).

What impresses you about the companies? Does your company have a winning
strategy? What grade would you give Company management for the job done in
crafting the company’s strategy?

What are the key policies, procedures, operating practices, and core values
underlying the companys efforts to implement and execute its strategy low
cost, best value, or differentiation)?

What is the company’s strategy? Which of the five generic competitive
strategies discussed in Chapter 5 most closely fits the competitive approach that
your company is taking? What type of competitive advantage is your company
trying to achieve? What does a SWOT analysis of your company reveal about
the overall attractiveness ofits situation in mid2020?

o Industry Analysis. How strong are the competitive forces in the rapidly evolving global
market for your company? Do a fiveforces analysis to support your answer. What forces
are driving change in this market for streamed entertainment? Are the combined impacts
of these driving forces likely favorable or unfavorable regardingtheir effects on
competitive intensity and future industry profitability?

What weaknesses or problems do you see at your company as of mid2020?
What strategic issues and problems do management and executives need to

address as of mid2020?

o Financial Analysis. Analyze the company’s financial information for at least thepast
three years with tables and graphs showing, for example, profit/loss statements and
balance sheets.

o Company creativity: How creative is the company’s business model (e.g., the
introductionof new or improved goods/services, the company’s approach to becoming
profitable in thefuture based on cost and revenue or other factors. Explain in detail.

What are the key elements of your company’s culture? Is your company a strong
culture company? Explain why/why not? What problems will the CEO have
in maintaining this culture?

o Competitors. Discuss at least two major competitors of the company you have selected.
The discussion should focus on products, target markets, company size regarding
assets/employees, and other relevant factors. What does your strategic group map of this
industry look like? How attractively is the company positioned on the map? Why? How
does the company’s competitive strength compare against that of 23 streaming rivals
you deem most likely to challenge the company’s current leadership position as of mid2020?
Do a weighted competitive strength assessment using the methodology presented in Table 4.4in
Chapter 4 to support your answer. Based on your assessment and calculations, does the
company have a net competitive advantage over some/all of these rivals?

o Company prospects: What is, in your judgment, the prospect of the company? Explain
in detail. If the company becomes a public enterprise (if it’s not already so), would you
like to buy its stocks? Explain in detail. What key factors will determine a

streaming company’s success in this industry in the next 35 years?

o Vision, mission, goals, objectives. Based on your research, develop a vision
statement for the company, a mission statement, two goals, and two objectives for

o Strategy statement: Write your strategy statement for the company.

o Recommendation. List your recommendations to the company in such strategic areas as
diversification, integration, etc.

What recommendations would you make to leadership as the company heads
toward the end of 2020? Is there evidence that the company’s strategy and
operating practices will allow it to survive the impact of COVID19 on the
airline industry? Explain.

Explain in detail. What 23 top priority issues do management need to address?
What recommendations would you make to the CEO? At a minimum, your
recommendations should cover what todo about each of the top priority issues
identified in question 10.

Reference Formatting Examples:

McDonald, Sammy (2020). Entrepreneurial Strategies in Canada, Journal of Strategy, Structure,
and Teams, 10 (7), 100110.


Fred R. David and Forest R. David (2017). Strategic Management, New Jersey: PrenticeHall,
Inc, 7779

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