Modern social problem that has affected you or someone close to you

For this paper, you should choose a modern social problem that has affected you or someone close to you. Use your sociological imagination to explain how this problem is experienced (by you or someone close to you) as a “private trouble,” and then explain how this problem is also a “public issue.” Use at least 2 academic sources* to provide evidence in your explanation for why this is a public issue. Finally, please provide at least 3 practical recommendations for how you believe this social problem can be solved or improved. Please do the following in your essay in order to receive full credit: In your own words, define sociological imagination (including private troubles and public issues) in your introduction. Make sure to cite all of your sources using ASA style. Provide the 3 practical recommendation(s) in some detail — at least one paragraph each. Divide your paper into three main sections (not including the introduction and the conclusion): private trouble public issue (use your academic sources* here) recommendations *Academic Sources Academic sources are scholarly books and peer-reviewed journal articles. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source! Please make sure to cite all sources properly. Any act of academic dishonesty will result in a failing grade on this assignment, and can lead to failure in this course. If you are unsure of what a peer-reviewed scholarly journal is, please go to this page at the SRJC library websiteLinks to an external site.. You can easily find scholarly journal articles online. Using SmartSearch at the SRJC library website or Google Scholar might be a very good start! They both provide free full text articles in PDF form. If you are unsure of how to go about doing this type of research, please make an appointment with a librarian hereLinks to an external site.. You must do original work for this class. Recycled papers/sections of papers submitted in other courses are not acceptable. Your papers should be approximately 5-7 typed, double-spaced pages in length (1250-1750 words). Please use only 11 or 12 point font and standard margins. In citing sources, follow the model used by the American Sociological Association. There is a link to an ASA style guide in the Term Paper section in Canvas. You do not need to provide a cover page or abstract. Include a works cited page using ASA style. Papers must be submitted in doc, docx, rtf, or pdf formats. Please do not submit Google docs links or Pages files! They must be uploaded in one of the acceptable file formats. Only footnote when you are providing commentary or some other extra information. Make sure to give your paper a title. Please check your grammar, spelling, and punctuation carefully. You will lose points for excessive mechanical errors.

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