Unit 1 Read pages 1-4 in workbook – Ages and Stages – A First PassUnit 1.1 Read pages R1-R5 in workbook) – Passages by Gail Sheehy (an excerpt)Think about an earlier period in your life (perhaps 5, 10

  • Unit 1 Read pages 1-4 in workbook – Ages and Stages – A First Pass
  • Unit 1.1 Read pages R1-R5 in workbook) – Passages by Gail Sheehy (an excerpt)

Think about an earlier period in your life (perhaps 5, 10, of 15 years ago) and then describe that time considering events or issues related to your professional, educational, and/or personal life.

Then think about your current situation. (You might want to go back and look at what you said in your posting to the Water Cooler.) Note any significant similarities or differences between these two times. Does either of your two life periods correspond with the stages that Sheehy describes? Not everyone’s life matches the Sheehy model or the article, so feel free to focus your response on how you differ from what Sheehy or the article proposes.

This week you Must start using quotes from the workbook in all of your responses whether they be in your initial answer to the discussion topic, As well as your classmates.  Make sure you include quotes in all of your responses from this week’s reading material to support your perspective.

Without substantive quotes you do not get credit for your response. You must reply to at least 2 classmates posts for every discussion board submission or you will receive a zero, even for your original discussion board answer.  When replying to at least two classmates for each discussion board post, if you don’t insert an exact quote you must at least mention a theory or theorist and reference our materials in some fashion.

If u wanna make this fictional and sound like me i wrote that i have 2 kids in the other discussion and im majoring in health care administration

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