PART 2 Your second post will be a detailed analysis of what your classmates chose. What patterns do you see? Are there any commonalities? Are there any outliers that are uncommon to the overall collec


Your second post will be a detailed analysis of what your classmates chose. What patterns do you see? Are there any commonalities? Are there any outliers that are uncommon to the overall collection? Explain your observations in detail.

Classmate responses will be attached once able.

PART 2 Your second post will be a detailed analysis of what your classmates chose. What patterns do you see? Are there any commonalities? Are there any outliers that are uncommon to the overall collec
Student 1 My name is Desi green, a 67-year-old woman who was born in Europe in 1933 and moved to America quickly after my birth. Throughout my life, I have witnessed many different movements and events that have altered my world view. As a woman who supports progressivism, while also being conservatively religious, I have obtained a comprehension of what I stand for, despite my opposing dogmas. The following is five items I would put in a time capsule that represents my personal and life.  First off, I would put a note I hold near to my heart with the caption, “Make a career of humanity. Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a better person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in.”  This is a quote from my idol, Martin Luther King Jr, in his speech for the March for Integrated Schools in 1959. When I heard first heard this quote, I immediately wrote it down so I could have it as a reminder telling me not to give up fighting for people’s rights. If I give my all to furthering civil rights for everyone, eliminating discrimination of race, gender, and color. Although I will never be as impactful as Martin Luther King Jr., I strive to have even a fourth of his boldness. I want the future generation to look back on this and be reminded of how far our nation has already come from this inequality. Yet I want them to still strive to improve their modern world even more. Since I am conservatively religious, I have enjoyed listening to evangelist Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority talks, therefore I will include a recording of this talk in my time capsule. While from a religious standing I endorse him, yet his political stands I am certainly against. Jerry talks about the bible and applies the principles to real life situations and how you can be a better Christian and follow our God. I love the way that they have tried to include all groups of religion so we can have a common interest with one another. Although they have discontinued their talks, I am an endorser on the religious side of these pep-talks.  Bill Clintons inauguration in 1993 was an exciting one for me. In honor of this event, I will put my vote for Bill Clinton pin in this time capsule. His political beliefs and his New-Democrat standpoint that him and his Vice President, Albert Gore Jr., is the perfect balance of my ideological values. On the political side, he supports worldwide justice and equality for everyone from whites to blacks, women to men, American to Mexican. Healthcare and education that is reliable and affordable is something Bill Clinton stands for. While he is an advocate for others’ rights like us progressives, he also has good religious morals. In his talks he delivers he often regards to his faith in God and how it helps him make decisions and steers him through tough trials he faces as president. This moves with me as I value this connection and these important morals. This balance between the two sides could have been one of the reasons for his triumph in his presidency so far.  In addition to these items, I will put a tee-shirt of the casting of my favorite show, The Cosby Show. This show depicts an African American family in the upper-middle class. The reason I love this show, as a progressive, is it has shown segregationists a vision of what like could be without segregation, as they are a successful family that are polite and educated, unlike other movies that portray African American as poor or un-educated. The director, Bill Cosby, who also plays the dad as the main character, addresses worldwide problems such as racism and gender roles in a firm but gentle way. Since I am a believer in progressivism, I admire these efforts in promoting other groups through media. Lastly, I will include a newspaper that came out when congress passed The bill for the 1964 Civil Rights Act. When this act was passed, I jumped out of my chair and celebrated. The 1964 Civil Rights Act banned discrimination in public places and in employment. I believe that no one should face this horrible and unfair discrimination that people of color, different ethnicities and gender should face. Although through my conservative views I do not personally agree with those of LGBT lifestyles, yet I believe everyone should have freedom to express themselves in any form or way they wish. That being said, I will not stop protesting and fighting till everyone has this life they deserve. Segregationists will always fight until they get their way, but we can still keep striving for a world without inequality or advantages based on race or gender.  Student 2 Desi Green is female born in the U.S. She is European American and Urban. Desi is 67 years old and conservative religious. She is progressive. Her education lasted up until eighth grade. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia and is in the higher income bracket.  The five items I believe she would want in a time capsule are as follows… A copy of CBS’s “All in the Family”. This shows examples of America’s “classic” family from the 1970s and would represent Desi Green’s childhood. A holy Bible because she is conservative religious to remember her religion, because there are not as many religious people as compared to when she was a child. In the Fifties, 90% of the adult population identified as Christian in the US, now it 2023 is it down to 46%. An Apple Two computer to show the movement of technology into the present. The Apple Two computer was introduced in 1977 and would almost be seen as comical compared to computers nowadays. A poster shown in chapter 29 of the American Yamp that states, “Don’t listen to rumors about AIDS. Get the facts!”. Since Desi is progressive, I think she would have believed in helping those with aids and would have been overjoyed in how far the world has come in homosexual rights and aids/STD awareness. An American flag to symbolize recent events such as Iraq, the Gulf War, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Obama, the Great Recession, the pandemic, Etcetera. This would go to prove that no matter good or bad, we still live in the greatest country in the world that gave Desi Green and many others just like her great opportunities. Student 3 My name is Sydney Thompson. I am a 78-year-old, foreign-born Mexican Male. I am a moderately religious progressive. I have a college degree and make a middle income. I live in Omaha, NE. 5 items I would include in my time capsule: 1. A photo of my Apple II computer- I could afford this because I make a middle income. This is significant because the Apple computer was “the first successful mass-produced microcomputer meant for home use” (American Yawp Chapter 28). 2. A Food stamp- During the economic recession in 1981 and 1982, I had to apply for financial aid due to unemployment. Even though there were “reductions in social welfare spending”, I needed the extra help financially (American Yawp Chapter 29). 3. A face mask- The COVID-19 Pandemic was nothing as I had ever seen before. It was a significant moment in my life when the country shut down. Also, the number of lives lost, “over 600,000” by the end of the summer of 2021, was devastating (American Yawp Chapter 30).  4. My 2007 Apple iPhone- I could maintain a middle income after finding a new job and recovering from the recession. Being a person of middle income, I could afford the iPhone when it was released in 2007. I used this smartphone to “stay in touch with old acquaintances” (American Yawp Chapter 30). 5. A photo of protests in the last 3-5 years- Being a Progressive, I think it is important for Americans to push for freedom, justice, and equality. Saving these photos will show a shift in increase in protests and vocalization over the past 5 years. Student 4 My name is Hunter Phillips and I am a 41 year old immigrant from Mexico currently living in Atlanta, GA. The five things I would include in my time capsule would be: A letter with my predictions of the future. A playlist of my favorite music. A photo of my husband, kids, and I at our favorite restaurant.  A video tour of the house my kids grew up in. Programs from my kids’ high school graduations. Student 5 My name is Aidan Turner and I am from rural iowa, I am moderately religious and politically involved. Putting my beloved memories in a time capsule takes a lot of thought since I have so many however there are 5 things I truly would like to include in my time capsule. One item is an old photo of me fighting in Vietnam. No single issue contributed more to public disillusionment than the Vietnam War. As the war deteriorated, the Johnson administration escalated American involvement by deploying hundreds of thousands of troops to prevent the communist takeover of the south. Vietnam was the first “living room war.” Television, print media, and open access to the battlefield provided unprecedented coverage of the conflict’s brutality. My second item is a picture of Richard Nixon during his campaign in Philadelphia. During the 70s some would call me a ‘hippie’, my wardrobe included different types of tie dye and fringe with my leather rings and belt I would want others to see my jewelry from that time. As events in the 1970s broadened sexual freedoms and promoted greater gender equality, so too did they generate sustained and organized opposition. My third item is a Nintendo Gameboy, it was first invented in 1989. My fourth item would be a record from The Beatles, On This Day, April 10, 1970: Paul McCartney publicly “quits” The Beatles. Paul McCartney publicly “quit” The Beatles via a press release for his first solo album, in which he says he has no plans for new Beatles music or any future songwriting with John Lennon. My fifth and final item would be a poster from the very first earth day. Earth Day was first observed on April 22, 1970, when an estimated 20 million people nationwide attended the inaugural events at tens of thousands of sites including elementary and secondary schools, universities, and community sites across the United States.

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