As a public health analyst (currently reporting to an epidemiologist), you will focus on analyzing the relationship between epidemiology and public health. Your skill in public health is essential to

As a public health analyst (currently reporting to an epidemiologist), you will focus on analyzing the relationship between epidemiology and public health. Your skill in public health is essential to promoting health in your community, regardless of which health care sector your future career takes you to. The PERIE model is a tool you’ll use to analyze each component of a given health issue for successful implementation through action plans and positive change outcomes.

Review the PERIE model and process described in Ch. 2, “Evidence-Based Public Health,” of your course textbook, Public Health 101: Improving Community Health (3rd ed.).

“Public health is first and foremost a state responsibility. States may retain their authority, voluntarily request, or accept help from the federal government, or delegate their responsibility and/or authority to locate agencies at the city, county, or other local levels” (Riegelman & Kirkwood, 2019, p. 251).

Using the issue or disease you chose for your Wk 1 Summary – Government Management of Health Issue assignment, create a 14 – to 16-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with detailed speaker notes to summarize your findings. In your presentation:

  • Explain epidemiology and its relationship to public health.
  • Analyze your selected health issue using the PERIE model.
  • Problem
  • Describe the selected issue or disease.
  • Identify the underlying nature and cause of the selected issue or disease.
  • Etiology
  • Analyze the uses and effects of demographic data, surveillance data, and vital statistics in public and community health.
  • Identify the demographics and effect of the selected issue or disease on the community.
  • Recommendations
  • Analyze possible solutions for the selected issue or disease.
  • Choose the best possible solution with the available information and provide a justification.
  • Implementation
  • Describe the coordination between community and state that would need to occur to implement the chosen solution.
  • Explain the resources (e.g., funding) needed to successfully implement the solution.
  • Evaluation
  • Describe the measurable outcomes on the solution’s success or possibility of success (e.g., number of provided screenings).
  • Recommend additional suggestions for treatment or resolution.

Format your references according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assessment.

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