ADMS 3585 Mid Term Exam2018 Winter – Sections M, NDate : February 25, 2018 (10 :00 am – 1:00 pm) – 180 minutes$850,000 – $210,000 = $640,000$640,000Total estimated costx ($7,000,000 – Total estimated cost) = $210,000Total estimated cost = $5,270,588$7,000,000 – $5,270,588 = $1,729,412Gross profit.22. Based on the guidance outlined in IFRS15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers, which ofthe following scenarios does not follow an appropriate method for measuring revenue?A. An accounting firm is completing an audit engagement and has decided that it willrecognize revenue based on the actual number of labour hours and materials used in theproject to date.A toy manufacturer ipreparing a large shipment of toys for the month of April.eted, since it knows that


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