This term Project has Two questions. Answer both questions giving clear explanation.  Each question carries a weight of 50%.


Let us assume that currently, the Zambian Ministry of Transport has a rule that allows commercial truck drivers to drive up a limit of 90 hours per week; after 40 hours per week, drivers’ hourly pay goes up by 50%. A proposed rule would reduce this limit to 60 hours of driving per week. One supporter of the proposal said this: “Almost no drivers are choosing to work 90 hours per week; drivers will welcome the added time away from the job.” Suppose that the proposal passes, and a subsequent study shows that after the new limit took effect, the straight-time wages of truck drivers rose, other things equal. Using economic theory, comment on this finding in the context of the quotation above; explain fully.


Suppose the Zambian government were to mandate that all employers had to offer their employees a life insurance policy worth at least K500,000 in the event of death. Use economic theory, both positively and normatively, to analyze the effects of this mandate on employee well-being.

You should be able to write at least 1000 (no more than 1500) words for the whole assignment with Arial 12 point font, conventional margins, and single-spaced.

Assignments must be submitted with APA Format as is established in the course syllabus under APA Format Resources as presented in the APA Sample Paper.

Analysis and Conclusion must reflect the student’s own words.

The conclusion must include the student’s point of view rather than what the paper includes.

Plagiarism won’t be tolerated and will be penalized with a 0-grade point for the assignment.