Reply to each question with at least 200 words, citation and reference.

1.Doctoral learners commonly exert intense effort in choosing a topic; it simply requires a significant amount of time and focused effort reading literature from one or more fields of study. Looking back at the readings presented in this course and reflecting on the ideas presented there including the three new dissertation concepts introduced: Need for Study, Significance, and Theoretical Framework, how does reading literature and in particular reading a literature review section contribute to formulating a clearer understanding of these three concepts? Explain.

2.During RES-815 and RES-820, you have read and annotated 15 articles that could become part of your dissertation’s literature review. As you move forward into your content-specific courses, how do you intend to independently expand your list of resources in preparation for defending your topic selection at your first residency? How will this work eventually develop into your research proposal? What is your plan to use the upcoming courses to continue to develop your literature review? Explain.