Chapter 1 Reflections

1.      In interest groups or alone, brainstorm ways you meet the individual needs of students. After compiling the list, post it and title it “Ways to Differentiate Instruction.”

2.      Differentiated instruction is like ______ (select a noun) because ______ (list the many ways the two are alike). Illustrate, share, and post.

3.      In groups of four, jigsaw the four ways to differentiate (a) content, (b) formative assessment, (c) performance assessment, and (d) instructional strategies. Each team member reads the section in the book on his or her assigned topic, takes notes, and adds how he or she currently differentiates in this area. Then each participant shares his or her gathered information while the other group members take notes.

4.      Use Figure 1.3 to take a personal inventory of your current use of differentiated instruction. Place a star by the areas that you are implementing. Place a check by the areas that you have used but not very often. Place an X by the areas that you have not used.”