A leading car rental company hired you as Human Resources Manager. You are tasked with designing the organizational chart of the new innovative I-RIDE division. You also need to hire employees for the new division.

The I-RIDE will offer transportation subscription to residents in a metropolitan area of the United States – similar to Uber service but without a driver. I-RIDE customers will pay a monthly fee in exchange of the car owner responsibilities, such as maintenance, insurance charges, driving, and gasoline expenses.

Conduct an online search with the keyword phrase “CNBC Uber tech executive explains their new autonomous vehicle.” Watch related videos and review related articles about the Uber autonomous vehicle.

Develop an Organizational Chart for the I-RIDE division that includes:

  • A minimum of 3 departments
  • 10 employees to staff the new I-RIDE division for a specific metropolitan area

Construct a 500-word memo to the VP-HR Manager that explains:

  • Your recommended plan for staffing the new I-Ride division
  • Your proposed Organizational Chart