Throughout this course you develop a research-based project plan related to public administration, public policy, or nonprofit management and leadership. Depending on your field, the plan you create will be a policy analysis, program evaluation, or administrative analysis. Each week you complete various stages of your plan, including a research question, literature review, identification of the types of data and research methods, and conclusions and recommendations. For this Assignment, you refine your research question from this week’s Discussion based on peer feedback and the Research Question Guidelines located in this week’s Learning Resources. To complete: With peer feedback in mind, refine the research question you posted in this week’s Discussion. Compare your research question to the Research Question Guidelines document and refine accordingly. State your research question. Write a 1- to 2-page rationale for your research question, including why the question is relevant to public administration, public policy, or nonprofit management. Reminder: Use APA guidelines for citations and formatting. Isaiah Hannah Response RE: Discussion – Week 3 COLLAPSE Great question! This should be a very interesting research paper. Are you focusing just on how civil and private liberties are effecting American citizens or are you including terrorists as well? Terrorist have been mistreated over the years as they rights have been violated by the American government policies since 9/11.