CXU 6 Wk Dis Write the following ways: Explain the role of the IRB Explain ethical problems you might experience if you were to conduct research on your identified topic of research. Analyze the impact of these potential ethical challenges. How might participants be affected, for example? Devise ways you might address these ethical challenges to the IRB to ensure integrity in the research process. Analyze the ethical values you hold that underlie your response. Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources. CXU 6 Wk Prj Previous work focused on the implications for social change and the significance of the study. All research of quality and rigor must address these issues: Why is the research worth doing? What can be learned? Who will it benefit and how? It is important to refine your statements on this topic, in order that they can be incorporated into your Prospectus. You will be required to address these issues in your Proposal and the rest of your Dissertation, as well. Using the Dissertation Prospectus Guide, refine this week’s Discussion 2 post that describes the significance of your proposed study. In what ways would your study advance knowledge, practice, or policy, and lead to positive social change? After completing this section, in the order of required components of the Prospectus, you have now covered the title, problem statement, overall purpose of the study, significance, background, and theoretical framework. Review your Prospectus draft of all of these components and edit it.