Policy, Law, Or Regulation?

In this assignment, we will use the public health issue of tobacco cessation to examine and understand the differences between policy, law, and regulation. Use the attached template to complete the assignment. 

  1. Compare and contrast, each set of terms listed below based upon your required reading and resources.
    1. Policy and Law
    2. Law and Regulation
    3. Statutes and Regulation
    4. Statutes and OrdinancModule 1 Assignment Template


      Cover Page

      Mod 1 Assignment: Is It A Policy, Law or Regulation?

      HSA 4421

      Student Name

      Purpose of Assignment (1 paragraph)


      Compare and Contrast Terms (Don’t forget to use citations, as needed)

      a. Policy and Law

      Policy is (1 paragraph)


      Law is . . . (1 paragraph)


      The difference between policy and law is . . .(1 paragraph)


      b. Law and Regulation

      Law is . . . (1 paragraph)


      Regulation is . . . (1 paragraph)


      The difference between law and regulation is . . . (1 paragraph)


      c. Statutes and Regulations

      Statutes are . . . (1 paragraph)


      Regulation are . . . (1 paragraph)


      The difference between statutes and regulations is . . .(1 paragraph)


      d. Statutes and Ordinance

      Statutes are . . . (1 paragraph)


      Ordinance is . . . (1 paragraph)


      The difference between statutes and ordinance is . . . (1 paragraph)



      e. Guidance Document and the Federal Register

      Guidance document is . . . (1 paragraph)


      Federal register is . . .(1 paragraph)


      The difference between guidance document and federal register is . . . (1 paragraph)


      Analysis of Policy, Law and Regulations in developing a Smoke free workplace (minimum 3 paragraphs)


      Conclusion (2 paragraphs)

      The conclusion should include your overall understanding of the ten (10) terms and their differences.



    5. Guidance Document and the Federal Register

The compare/contrast for each healthcare term (a thru e), should include a paragraph to describe each term and then the third paragraph to contrast the difference between the two terms in the set. Include in your comparison the level of government, i.e., federal, state, or local, and responsibility for oversight/implementation of each term.

  1. Imagine that you work as Chief Analyst in the Environmental Services Department, at a major hospital in the Jacksonville area. With health awareness and an emphasis on a smoke-free environment and the workplace, describe the policy, law, and eventual regulations that were developed to reduce smoking. This analysis should be a minimum of 3 paragraphs.


Students should use the following format for their written assignment.

  1. Use the attached template with guidelines for each component of the assignment.
  2. Use APA format and cite sources, as necessary. If you need a refresher on APA, reference the APA Learning Unit (located in Blackboard under Tools and Resources). Make sure that your paper is not plagiarized and includes all the appropriate citations and references.
  3. Do your resources meet the CRAAP test? Reference the Tools and Resources section in Blackboard for more information.
  4. Use professional, objective language.
  5. The paper must include (see attached template):
    1. Cover Page
    2. Purpose of assignment (one paragraph)
    3. Content of Assignment
    4. Citations
    5. Headings or subheadings
    6. Conclusion (two paragraphs)
    7. Reference Page
    8. No plagiarism

Course: HSA4421: Government Regulations in Healthcare

Textbook Title and Edition: Government Regulations in Healthcare Author: Joel B. Teitelbaum
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Year: 2018

Print ISBN: 9781284011289 Note: Custom book

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