Mock Disaster Plan

Mock Disaster Response Plan

Choose a fictitious emergency event to use for your project.  Develop a response plan for a mock disaster involving a facility you work at or one in your community. This is a single incident of your choosing, such as a fire, active shooter, natural disaster, etc.  We are looking for you to simulate an emergency response and use your paper as an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about the incident command process during the course.

Decide who will be the Incident Commander (IC).  Or you could choose a Unified Command (UC).  Develop the five ICS functional areas and specific responsibilities for each area pertaining to your specific incident. A completely developed and detailed Incident Action Plan should be included as part of your paper.  You should also include maps, images as well as the completed ICS Forms (excel file) we worked on in during the Week 6 Forum. This means you will most likely submit both a Word document and an Excel document for this project.  (Some students in the past have used PowerPoint for this project as well.)  Sample documents are included, including the scoring rubric.



samples attached


an excel file and a word paper or word paper and powerpoint



290 Broadway



This plan is to identify response procedures for an incident response to an active shooter scenario located at 290 Broadway New York, NY. This is a federal facility with priority jurisdiction between the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the Federal Protective Service (FPS) .

This facility is a 31 story facility that houses many different federal agencies to include FBI, EPA, IRS, GSA, and DHS.


During an active shooter incident the facility in question will go into a lock down procedure, all occupants will Shelter in Place until the threat can be neutralized. The facility directly across the street 26 Federal Plaza will also conduct a Shelter in Place.

All emergency response units will be notified of the incident and told to report to 26 Federal Plaza Incident Command Center.

26 Federal Plaza



Initial Incident Response

Upon notification of an active shooter the facility will Shelter in Place only allowing for law enforcement responders to enter and exit the facility.

Notification will be made over hand held radio communications that can be heard by the Federal Protective Service, Philadelphia Mega Center, FBI, Fire Safety for 26 Federal Plaza and 290 Broadway and the security guards at both locations.

FPS Inspectors will arrive on scene and coordinate with FBI police for immediate response. FPS will be the lead response and will establish on scene commander.

FPS management will set up incident command at 26 Federal Plaza and will coordinate with all other responding units at that location. If 26 Federal Plaza becomes compromised or is unavailable, 201 Varick Street is secondary back up incident command location.




Facility Security Committee Chairperson- Will set up as liaison between incident commander and agency heads.

Incident Commander – responsible for all aspects of the response, including developing incident objectives and managing all incident operations. (Department of Labor)


Operations Commander – responsible for Tactical Operations, Response and Recovery Operations

Planning Section – “Collects, evaluates , and disseminates information needed to measure the size, scope , and seriousness of an incident and to plan appropriate incident management activities.” (Department of Labor)







Logistics Section – “Supports incident management operations by securing and providing needed personnel, equipment, facilities, resources , and services required for incident resolution; coordinating personnel; assembling and deploying volunteer teams; and facilitating communication among incident responders.” (Department of Labor)


Finance /Administration Section – “Assume responsibility for overall documentation and recordkeeping activities; when possible, photograph or videotape damage to property. Develop a system to monitor and track expenses and financial losses , and secure all records.“ (Department of Labor)



The Incident Commander will be sending

and assigning resources as needed. Once

more resources become available they

will be assigned specific roles. The commander

will also determine goals and stratifies for the

current situations. For an active shooter situation

the majority of the responsibility belongs to the

Operations Chief.


Operations Chief is focused on the active shooter and neutralizing the threat. Teams will be sent in systematically to clear the facility. This is done by coordinating multiple response teams and giving them specific areas to clear not to cross each other. Once the threat is contained Recovery operations will begin.They are coordinating with the on scene commander and or team leaders.





The Planning Chief is looking at the Occupant Emergency Plan to establish other protocols that need to be activated. They are monitoring communications to ensure that everyone can speak to one another. They are also organizing the arrival of other resources and setting up equipment that may be needed.


The Logistics Chief is notifying local hospitals for specialty units and to know how many of what injuries to send to which hospital.

Making contact with NYPD for law enforcement response and to set up specially units like Bomb Squad and Emergency Services Unit along with Crime Scene Technicians.

Coordinating a stand by location for EMS units and coordinating Media / Press releases and locations.



The Administrative Chief would identify someone to be the Incident Commanders scribe. Another function would be for someone to identify which units arrived and at what time. They would also identify what each specific agency did for the active shooter event.



Recovery Operations

Once the Operation Chief has confirmed that the threat is no longer, he / she will inform the Incident Command who will them proceed with recovery operations. EMS will evaluate persons for injury and identify them by injury. A walkthrough will occurred to determine if there is any structural damage or damage to the facility. Investigators will conduct an assessment to determine if any information system have been compromised. Interviews will be conducted by law enforcement personnel for those who interacted with the subject. Counseling services will be identified for those who need it.


After Action Review – An AAR will be conducted at the conclusion of the operation to identify vulnerabilities, productive countermeasures and decencies within the ICS system.

National Park Service


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