Enterprise Risk Management Assignment 11

ITS 835

Chapters 26, 27

Mini-Cases on ERM and RIsk

Enterprise Risk Management












Collection of four mini-cases- we will be discussing the first two case studies 26 and 27

Leaves open ended questions

Presents real life situations

And needs for ERM


Bim Consultants Inc.

Nerds Galore


Make sure each case.

They are really short and easy to read cases


As you are reading the cases:

Keep in mind how an d why ERM is needed?

The challenges as part of the ERM implementation

How the process might be related to each other











Bim Consultants Inc.

Consulting firm

10 offices in Canada

3,000 staff

30 partners

Operate with the “Customers are number one” focus.

But revenue is static

Opportunity to buy out competitor

US competitor selling Canadian operation

Purchase would double size and sales

Negotiations must be kept confidential

No option to visit site as part of due diligence

What types of risk you see as part of the M&A Transaction?











Nerds Galore

Canadian IT service company

12 offices

1,000 employees

Grew from founder’s garage

Shift from small start-ups to medium size customers

Quickly realized the mid size market is more profitable.

High turnover of 20% is causing concern in Management

Decreasing customer satisfaction

Steady revenue (for now) as a result of having long standing contracts.

Despite experiencing decreased customer satisfaction, steady revenue.

Revenue likely to change if satisfaction issue not address ASAP.

Take a closer look at Risks presented, and what type of ERM framework would serve the needs to address these type of risks?









Nerds Galore, cont’d.

Hired new VP for Humana Resources (HR)

New VP for HR introduced strategy to reduce turnover rates (20%) & to improve customer satisfaction, as follows:

Attract the best talent

Retain good people

Manage talent

Optimize the use of people

Rely on outsourcers

Executive team requested workshop to explore HR risks, as follows:

Inability to recruit people with needed skills

Loss of staff with key internal knowledge

Uncompetitive labor production

Increased departures of skilled technical staff

Loss of key business know-how

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