Describe The External Factors And Internal Factors Affecting Change In IT Management At Hydro-Quebec.


  • Length: Minimum 3–5 pages excluding cover page and references (since a page is about 300 words, this is approximately 900–1,500 words).
  • Assignment-driven criteria (25 points): Demonstrates clear understanding of the subject and addresses all key elements of the assignment.
  • Critical thinking (10 points): Demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem. Shows analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of required material.
  • Scholarly writing (5 points): Demonstrates writing proficiency at the academic level of the course; addresses the Learning Outcomes of the assignment.
  • Quality of references (4 points) and assignment organization (3 points): Uses relevant and credible sources to support assertions. Assignment is well organized and follows the structure of a well-written paper.
  • Citing sources (3 points): Uses in-text citations and properly formats references in APA style.


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