What is NOT a step in risk management?

1. What are often the weakest links in IT security?

2. A new company starts up but does not have a lot of revenue for the first year. Installing anti-virus software for all the company’s computers would be very costly, so the owners decide to forgo purchasing anti-virus software for the first year of the business. In what domain of typical IT infrastructure is vulnerability created?

3. What is the primary reason to avoid risk?

4. Another term for risk mitigation is _______.

5. What is a major type of vulnerability for the user domain?

6. What is NOT a step in risk management?

7. What is the best example of warez?

8. Total risk = _______________

9. What is compared in a threat-likelihood-impact matrix?

10. A(n) _________ is the process of creating a list of threats.

11. When does a threat/vulnerability pair occur?

12. __________ damage for the sake of doing damage, and they often choose targets of opportunity.

13. What is NOT an example of unintentional threat?

14. A _____________ policy governs how patches are understood, tested, and rolled out to systems and clients.

15. What is NOT true about Operation Aurora?

16. _________ are acts that are hostile to an organization.

17. All of the following terms have the same meaning, EXCEPT _____________.

18. A(n) __________ is a computer joined to a botnet.

19. What is NOT a program overseen by the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center?

20. When risk is reduced to an acceptable level, the remaining risk is referred to as _________.

21. When a fiduciary does not exercise due diligence, it can be considered __________.

22. CIPA is ________________.

23. When the FTC was created in 1914, its primary goal was to ______________.

24. What is the function of job rotation?

25. When companies are expected to adhere to the laws that they are affected by, this is commonly known as _______________.

26. What are the seven COBIT enablers?

27. You recently changed jobs. HIPAA helps you ____________________ .

28. What is NOT one of the three primary bureaus of the FTC?

29. In relation to risk management, IP stands for _________.

30. When your bank or credit card company sends you a notification of changes in how it collects or shares data, it is sending that notification in compliance with ________________.

31. All of the following terms have the same meaning EXCEPT:

32. What are the four major categories of reporting requirements?

33. What is NOT a vulnerability that may affect a website for an online company?

34. In a risk management plan, how should you complete the step of describing the procedures and schedules for accomplishment?

35. A(n) _____________ is a process used to determine how to manage risk.

36. POAM stands for _________.

37. What information should you include in your report for management when you present your recommendations?

38. When a stakeholder’s involvement in a project helps that stakeholder have ownership of the project, the ownership is also known as a(n) ___________.

39. You use ________________ to communicate a risk and the resulting impact.

40. What is the purpose of a POAM?

41. You run a bank and wish to update your physical security at each branch of your bank and to update the technological security of the bank’s private financial data. What is the best way to determine whether physical security or technological security has a higher priority of protection?

42. ___________ is the negative result if the risk occurs.

43. Qualitative RAs determine the level of risk based on the __________ and _________ of risk.

44. A (n) __________ is a common type of attack on Internet-facing servers.

45. What does RAID stand for?

46. What is the Delphi Method?

47. It is common to focus the scope of an RA on system ownership, because doing so ____________.

48. All of the following are major components of RAs, EXCEPT:

49. What is safeguard value?

50. What is a hardware lock?

51. A technician in a large corporation fixes a printer that wasn’t receiving an IP address automatically by manually assigning it an address. The address was assigned to the server that other technicians were repairing. When the server was repaired and brought online, it no longer worked properly. How could this problem have been avoided?

52. Threat ___________ is a process used to identify possible threats on a system.

53. Addresses ______________ are automatically marked as spam.

54. An exploit assessment is also known as a(n) ___________.

55. What might happen if you began evaluating threats before defining the current operational characteristics?

56. All of the following are reasons why configuration management is an important risk management process, EXCEPT:

57. What is NOT something to consider when determining the value of an asset?

58. What is NOT a type of control?

59. ____________ is the process of determining fair market value of an asset.

60. What is NOT a way that you can determine the value of an asset?

61. Data warehousing is a(n) __________, and data mining is a(n) ____________.

62. What is NOT a way that you can measure the value of a system when determining if the system requires five nines?

63. ________ help(s) prevent a hard drive from being a single point of failure. __________ help(s) prevent a server from being a single point of failure. _________ help(s) prevent a person from being a single point of failure.

64. __________ refer(s) to when users or customers need a system or service.

65. People use term Big Data when talking about large _____________.

66. The two categories of IP are _______________ and _______________.

67. A ___________ plan can help you identify steps needed to restore a failed system.

68. What are the steps of a BCP?

69. BIA is an important part of a(n) _____________, and it can also be part of a(n) __________.

70. What is NOT a category of data and information assets?

71. A (n) ____________ assessment attempts to identify vulnerabilities that can actually be exploited.

72. When performing threat assessments, it’s important to ensure you understand the system or application you are evaluating. In order to understand a given system or application, you need to understand all of the following EXCEPT:

73. What is a transaction in a database?

74. What are the seven domains of a typical IT infrastructure?

75. Primary considerations for assessing threats based on historical data in your local area are _______ and ________.

76. What does the principle of least privilege have in common with the principle of need to know?

77. You run a successful casual dining restaurant in Virginia and are reviewing historical data in an attempt to identify potential threats to your business. What would NOT be helpful to you in this process?

78. Piggybacking is also known as _____________.

79. Risk = which of the following?

80. Threats are circumstances or events that have the potential to cause an adverse impact on all of the following, EXCEPT:ISOL 533 Midterm 3 (2019)

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