Software Engineering Methodlogy


Software Engineering Methodologies

Mock Final Assessment

June 2020

This is mock final assessment for your practice ONLY.

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Final Assessment (Individual Work) – 50%. Time allowed 2 hours


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1. Umbrella activities occur throughout the software process. Do you think they are applied evenly across the process, or are some concentrated in one or more framework activities?


2. Why does an iterative process make it easier to manage change? Is every agile process iterative? Is it possible to complete a project in just one iteration and still be agile? Explain your answers.


3. Suppose You are hired to develop a “Trackparcelit” online parcel delivery tracking system. Your client wants to assist their customers (Shippers and Forwarders) with a cost-effective way by improving their visibility, efficiency, quality of service, and profitability by:

a. a. Track shipments worldwide

b. b. Automate the shipment form processing cycle start-to-finish

c. c. Communicate with the clients and other agents, and

d. d. Improve Customer Service

Considering The design activities of software design process, discuss the design products which you hope to deliver after each design activity.

4. When describing a system, explain why you may have to design the system architecture before the requirements specification is complete.


5. Explain why deploying software as a service can reduce the IT support costs for a company. What additional costs might arise if this deployment model is used?



6. Assume that 10 errors have been introduced in the requirements model and that each error will be amplified by a factor of 2:1 into design and an addition 20 design errors are introduced and then amplified 1.5:1 into code where an additional 30 errors are introduced. Assume further that all unit testing will find 30 percent of all errors, integration will find 30 percent of the remaining errors, and validation tests will find 50 percent of the remaining errors. No reviews are conducted. How many errors will be released to the field.


7. Give two examples of information about a problem domain that can be captured in UML Activity Diagrams, and two ways in which these diagrams can be useful for Requirements Analysis.



8. Write a set of non-functional requirements for the ticket-issuing system, setting out its expected reliability and response time.


9. Using your knowledge of toy library management system, describe the process of booking and returning toys. How you will translate the process into a design?






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