Tips for Staying Safe

Tips for Staying Safe

It is sometimes easy to forget basic safety strategy when we live in a secure community like Spring Hills. Outside our gated community, there has been an increase in thefts of electronic devices such as cell phones, mp3 players, and tablet computers. These basic safety tips have been created by our security team to help you stay safe when going out into the community.

Basic Tips for Staying Safe

· Be aware of your surroundings

· Stay in well-lit areas

· Don’t display your devices

· Never listen to music while exercising

· Go out when other people are out and about

· Limit the personal information on the devices you take out with you

· Never leave devices or valuable item visible in your vehicle

What Electronics Are Being Targeted

It seems like nowadays we all carry electronic devices with us wherever we go. While we don’t expect you to leave these items at home, it is good to be aware of the items that thieves look for as easy targets. The following chart shows the number of thefts in the past three months of the top five targeted electronics:


Our Safety Vision

Resident safety has been one of the main focuses of the association this year. One recent change in policy is to have officers work round the clock in three eight hour, overlapping shifts. (See the list of officers) This guarantees that at any time of the day or night an officer is manning the gate with two other officers patrolling the grounds available to respond to calls from residents.

The association believes in informing our residents of any criminal incidents within our surrounding neighborhoods. To get the most up-to-date information, click here.

Security Staff

The Spring Hills Community currently employs six full-time security officers and four part-time security officers with three managing officers, one of which is always on duty.


Dwight Hill – Senior Security Manager

Mr. Hill has been an employee of Spring Hills for over twenty years. He first started as a part-time officer while he was in college getting his degree in Criminal Justice. Mr. Hill has been a proponent of implementing the latest in security technology at Spring Hill and continues to evaluate the “state of safety” at Spring Hill.

Suzanna Smith – Security Manager

Ms. Smith has been an employee of Spring Hills for twelve years. Her background in criminal justice, including seven years with the local police force has been invaluable in making Spring Hills as safe as possible for our residents.

Luis Ruiz – Security Manager

Mr. Ruiz has been an employee of Spring Hills for two years. Although, he has only been with Spring Hills a short time, Mr. Ruiz has over ten years’ experience managing large security teams for commercial and residential complexes.

Full-Time Officers

The following is a list of our six full-time officers (listed in order of seniority). Spring Hill is currently looking to add two more full-time officers:

· Edward Shaw (12 years)

· Carolyn Stevens (9 years)

· Tim Bloom (7 years)

· Brian Fellwater (7 years)

· Sabet Fuller (5 years)

· Gordan Brown (3 years)

Part-Time Officers

The following is a list of our four part-time officers (listed in order of seniority):

· James Holcomb (4 years)

· Margaret (Maggie) Fuller (2 years)

· Jonathon March (1 year)

· Eileen Branch (6 months)

Future Safety Modifications

The association is considering a number of security improvements to the Spring Hill Community. All improvements must be approved by the board, the following table lists the improvements and whether or not they have been approved.

New security officer positions
New security gates
Electric security vehicles
Security card entrance for all garages
Increased security cameras
Reinforcements to perimeter fence
Weekly security meetings with staff
Increased security budget




Spring Hills Safety Initiative   Kimberly Swanson
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