Lab – Hashing



This lab consists of one activity. Activity 1 involves completion of Project 3-3 in the ‘Hands-On Project’ section of Chapter 3 of the textbook. This project uses the free, trial version of the SlavaSoft HashCalc software application. A written lab report completes the assignment.






Activity 1 – Project 3-3 Installing GUI Hash Generator and Comparing Digests

Follow the instructions for Project 3-3 in the ‘Hands-On Project’ section of Chapter 3 of the textbook. This activity requires you to install the SlavaSoft application HashCalc v2.02, and perform several operations. Make the following changes to the instructions provided in the textbook:


5. Use Google to search for SlavaSoft HashCalc, in order to find v2.02 of the HashCalc software.


You are free to use Internet resources (e.g. Wikipedia, Google, etc.) to support the textbook discussion on hashing, and to learn more in order to support your findings. All resources referenced in your lab report must be properly cited.


Lab Report

Write a brief lab report describing your observations and experience regarding completion of this lab. Use the recently provided lab report template, located on BB, to complete your lab report. Use screen shots to record your observations and to support your findings. Upload your finished lab report to BlackBoard in the form of a Word document. Be prepared to discuss your findings in class.

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