Enterprise Network Application:

An enterprise network is considered to be the  backbone or a platform where all the hardware, software and communication of an organization take place through exchange of data. The three main features  that are interesting are

1.     VPN Applications

2.     Firewall Software’s

3.     LAN

VPN (Virtual Private Application) Applications:

The VPN Application helps in connecting the laptops or devices to the organization network.The VPN technology gets its name from the fact that VPN connection creates a virtual private tunnel between you and the network at the other end (Underdahl, Brian & Hirschmann, J, 2014).

Firewall Software:

The firewall software helps in protecting the organization network from un authenticated network IP’s by creating a wall for the organization and protecting it against malware attacks

Local Area Network (LAN):

The local area network connectivity helps in transferring the data or exchange of files or information from one device or network to other.

The examples of three major enterprise applications that are interesting to study and understand are

1.     Customer Relationship Management Tools:

For the purpose of discussion considering the company Intercom, as most of the services have moved online especially in the current situation Intercom has come up with the product that allows the CRM to be handled from Online by handling the customer chats, keeping track of the consumers, and filtering the information as required

2.     Issue Tracking:

Tracking the issues for an organization without physical presence has been difficult, but by using certain software tools and applications online the life of the staff becomes easy. For the purpose of explaining issue tracking let us consider Atlassian Software Enterprise solution has come up with the concept of tracking the information through a software names JIRA. The software is completely online and on cloud. It has two formats Online (cloud format) or Application format. The best thing about the software is it can be connected with or without VPN or LAN if its on cloud and provides users to track the issues and resolve it with ease.

3.     Air ticketing System/Competitive Reservation System:

This system has been developed in 1960’ and 1970’s (Lucas, Henry C, 2009) which was called Computerized Reservation System(CRS’s). It was American Airlines that developed SABRE System to track reservations. Current day SABRE itself has become a organizations which helps in tracking the reservations to wide area of network through the world which many airlines are part of.


All the above enterprise applications are growing every year by enhancing and developing the features and through there outreach to a broader audience.


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